A Trip Across the Pond

Last week, Charming Inns' Owner Rick Widman traveled to London for the Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) fall board meeting. While across the pond, he stumbled upon a very familiar face- or shall we say, fruit. Turns out our little traveling friend Penelope the Pineapple can't stay grounded for too long. After Penelope's recent Charleston vacation, she decided to clock a few more flyer miles, but this time overseas. While Rick was in meetings all day, Penelope raced around London and made sure to do some photo-bragging. Penelope wasn't the only one who had fun in London. Rick's SLH board meetings are anything but ordinary and always a treat. Since becoming a Board Member of the Americas on behalf of his luxury hotel The Wentworth Mansion, Rick has added many stamps to his passport. Board meetings convene in some pretty amazing cities, like Singapore- where he and Linn Lesense (wife and Charming Inns Co-Owner) traveled in June (their trip chronicled here). Here are a few snapshots of Penelope's London Excursion. A Royal Family enthusiast, Penelope made sure her itinerary included a stop at Buckingham Palace. Penelope's Caribbean ancestors made their way to America in the 1770's. Sea captains with exotic fruits and goods in tow would signal a safe and happy homecoming by sticking a pineapple on top of their gate. Pineapples quickly became a delicious symbol of hospitality in America. Here, Penelope honors her favorite family tradition. By sitting on the spire of the Buckingham Palace gate, she's saying "welcome home" to the Queen. Two of Penelope's new friends. On the left, a London Bobby, who kindly gave Penelope directions around town. To the right, a friendly doorman at The Flemings Hotel in Mayfair- a Small Luxury Hotel of the World and Rick's awesome accommodations. To round out a successful trip to London, Penelope made a final stop for fish, chips and beer at The Kings Arm Pub in Mayfair. Where will Penelope turn up next? Keep up with her and the rest of the Charming Inns team on Facebook.

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