A Winter Weekend in Charleston

In recent months, Penelope the Pineapple racked up her fair share of frequent flyer miles (traveling to London, California wine country, Columbia, Asheville...) - but we originally met this fall in Charleston. Penelope spent a week at each of our hotels, posted up in secret locations and left clues behind for followers to guess her whereabouts. Many Charleston enthusiasts tuned in and guessed correctly each week, but Mandy Mayfield of upstate South Carolina was the lucky one to win her own trip to Charleston. Mandy recently visited to enjoy her winnings (a room at the Fulton Lane Inn, dinner at Circa 1886 and tour of Charleston from Bulldog Tours)- and was kind enough to share some recommendations and gorgeous photos.

We asked: What did you enjoy most about the Fulton Lane Inn?

Fulton Lane Inn - Mandy Mayfield Photography

Mandy: Honestly, the king size bed! We have a queen bed at home and usually have a two-year-old sleeping in between us!  AND it was very comfortable!  Usually, when we stay away from home, I have a hard time sleeping because beds usually are not very comfy!  It was also VERY neat and VERY clean!

Bulldog Tours offer some awesome ways to explore Charleston- downtown walking tours, ghost + graveyard tours, culinary tours - which did you choose?

We actually did the Haunted Jail Tour!  It was neat and we had never been on there. It was neat to see the building [The Old City Jail] and how it's used today! Unfortunately, we didn't see any spirits.

How was dinner at Circa 1886? What did y'all eat?

It was Restaurant Week so we had a special menu at Circa 1886.  I had the Tomato & Olive Soup, Pork Chop and Chocolate Pot au Creme for dessert.  My husband had the Eggs & Grits, Striped Bass and Caramel Pear Cake.  EVERYTHING we had was good!  I don't think we left anything on any of our plates!  I think my favorite was the chocolate dessert I had (I am female and chocolate is my friend!)

What will go down as your most special memory from this trip to Charleston?

Taking time away for just me and my husband.  After we had our daughter, time away with just the two of us is rare!  Also dessert at Kaminsky's!  All the times I've been to Charleston I've never been there and we rarely go anywhere for just dessert, but I'll definitely go back again!  We also visited Charlestowne Landing State Historic Site - neither of us had been there before and it was a great place to visit and walk around!

Downtown Charleston - Mandy Mayfield Photography

Have any tips for other people headed to Charleston this winter? (Great restaurants, shops, favorite streets/walks…)

I'd definitely recommend Kaminsky's, Coast Bar and Grill, Jestine's Kitchen, Fleet Landing, and Dixie Supply Bakery & Cafe (can you tell we like to eat!)  I also loved just walking around exploring the different alleys....Philadelphia Alley, Stolls Alley, Longitude Lane. [See more of Mandy's photography]

It won't be long until Penelope makes her way back to the lowcountry. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with her travels - you might be the next to win a trip to Charleston!

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