A Historic Afternoon at the John Rutledge House Inn

At the John Rutledge House Inn, time travel is possible. Guests are in fact transported every afternoon with a seat on the second-floor piazza. A rocking chair, glass of sherry and fragrant, salt air breeze can instantly sweep guests away to another time. A time when air conditioning was a distant dream and history-makers walked our cobblestone streets. Charlestonians have long held a special place in their hearts (and homes) for piazzas. When most Charleston residences were built, piazzas were an absolute essential. These porches caught a glorious cross breeze from the water nearby and kept the hot summer sun from poring into the home’s indoor living space. An evening walk along Charleston’s famous waterfront (The Battery) reveals couples sipping a sunset and catching a breeze, just as they would have on these very same porches, hundreds of years ago. Before converted to an Inn, our famous Broad Street locale was built and owned by U.S. Constitution signer John Rutledge. His home frequently served as a meeting space for presidents and fellow Constitution signers. (Imagine the importance of a breezy piazza for evening entertainment if your guest list included President George Washington.) Very few things have changed since the Rutledge house was converted to an inn. Among the traditions remaining are afternoon tea and aperitifs on the piazza. Making this space at the Inn so unique: its shared history in both text books and family vacation scrapbooks. The intricate wrought iron divides, the skinny french doors that invite you outdoors, the towering Palmetto trees, the steeple views. The piazza is constructed of thousands of memories and moments in time. This summer we invite you to contribute to the Inn’s rich history with your own memorable vacation or weekend getaway. Take advantage of special summer travel deals at the John Rutledge House Inn. Overnight rates from Sunday-Thursday start at just $209. Weekend rates begin at $240. Clear your calendar and book your trip to Charleston.

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