Anson Mills Grain Dinner at Circa 1886

Executive Chef Marc Collins is calling this spring's Anson Mills Grain Dinner a "once in a lifetime event." You won't want to miss it.

On the evening of Saturday, March 8th, Circa 1886 will host the legendary Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills for a very special five course dinner. Together Chef Collins and Roberts outlined a grain-centric menu which highlights a variety of ingredients unseen in cooking for over a century. Each course tells a unique story.

Glenn Roberts via Anson Mills

While prepping the menu, Chef Collins and his team sourced many classic recipes, even pulling a few 19th century Charleston 'receipts' from collections like Rose P. Ravenel's Cookbook. True to that 'Circa' twist that our guests have come to know and love, each courses promises color, creativity and a few surprises.

Diners will be fortunate enough to have the grain master himself, Glenn Roberts, guide their dining experience. Roberts will share the history and cultural significance of each featured grain. Sommelier Mark Severs will hand select wines to accompany the five courses.


Here's a look at our Anson Mills Grain Dinner Menu:

Course One

Artisan Fine Cloth-Bolted Lamas Cake Flour

Pigeon Pie with Virginia Ham, American Blue Potatoes, Mire Poix, Whipped White Truffle Honey, Bee Pollen

Course Two

18th Century-Style Stone Cut Toasted Oats

Sage Infused Goetta, Burgundy Braised Cabbage, Gherkin, Hard Egg, Dijon Mornay, Smoked Paprika Powder

Course Three

Rustic Aromatic Buckwheat

Buckwheat “Beggars Purse” with Crab n’ Shrimp Newburg, Orange Leather, Asparagus Puree,  Mepkin Abbey Oyster Mushrooms, Espelette Tomato Dust

Course Four

Native Fine Whole Grist Blue Corn Grits & Antebellum Coarse Yellow Grits

Braised Beef Short Rib with Fried Antebellum Grits, Golden Beets, Blue Corn Grits Sauce, Pearl Onions, Yogurt Horseradish Espuma, Chive Oil

Course Five - the Sweet Finish

Organic Heirloom Barley

Deconstructed Chocolate Stout - a Barley Brown Butter Cake with Chocolate Malt Ice Cream and Hop Salt Caramel

Call today to reserve a spot - 843-853-7828. Five Courses + Wine Pairings - $150.00/person plus tax and gratuity. The Circa 1886 Anson Mills Grain Dinner takes place during the 2014 Charleston Wine and Food Festival weekend, making a perfect addition to an already delicious weekend. Stay tuned to Facebook and follow Chef Collins on Twitter for exclusive event updates.

-images via Anson Mills

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