Chicken-Fried, Foie Gras Freedom at Circa 1886 Restaurant

Come July 1st, California will be in a state of “foiegraslessness.” California chefs have cooked under the threat of a statewide Foie Gras ban for almost seven years- ample time to dream up some creative loopholes or farewell dinners for the less brazen. But never fear, foodies and summer travelers. In Charleston, South Carolina, Foie Gras is still very much legal – and at Circa 1886 Restaurant, especially delicious. Delicious fried chicken and Foie Gras at Circa 1886 Restaurant Executive Chef Marc Collins is a Foie Gras fan for its unique flavor and texture. Even with his seasoned and well-traveled palate, Collins has yet to find anything comparable to the goose/duck liver dish. Foie Gras makes a special soul food-esque appearance on Circa 1886’s summer menu. Chef decided to “have a little fun” with the traditional French recipe. His inspiration, two very basic items served at Los Angeles based restaurant and landmark, Roscoes House of Chicken & Waffles. Care to venture a guess what those might be? Chef Collins’ Foie Gras uniquely mimics the flavor of fried chicken and waffles. His recipe however, is elevated for Circa 1886’s fine dining experience. The Foie Gras is chicken fried with cracked black pepper and served aside a delightfully sweet pecan waffle. Replacing the standard chicken & waffles dressing choices of gravy, butter and whipped cream, are a white cheddar corn mornay and whipped maple syrup. Each item, in perfect proportion with its mate for a sweet and savory starter. Guests are calling Circa 1886’s Chicken-Fried Foie Gras “sensational” and “creative.” Make a reservation or stop by Circa 1886 this week to honor our California Foie Gras-less friends, and to celebrate Charleston's Foie Gras freedom.

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