Craftsmanship behind the Grand Mansion Suite

Luxurious, opulent and grandiose - words commonly used to describe the Wentworth Mansion, and we must say we understand why. While all of our rooms are worthy of these compliments, none as much as our largest room, the Grand Mansion Suite. At 1,000 square feet, the aptly named Grand Mansion Suite is one of the most luxurious rooms in downtown Charleston. The Suite's one of a kind flooring, fireplaces and chandeliers all create an enticing atmosphere fit for royalty. In order to fully appreciate the artistry of this room we have combed through the history to give a more full picture.     The Story Behind the Grand Mansion Suite

In 1886 when the Wentworth Mansion was first built, it was used to house the family of Francis Silas Rodgers. Originally, The Grand Mansion Suite was a set of formal drawing rooms which were identically decorated. They boasted mantels and mirrored overmantels in amber-beige marble, elaborate ceiling plasterwork designs, and double sliding doors. The first drawing room was used to visit with guests and entertain during evening functions.  The second drawing room was a music room where the children would have learned to play the piano, violin, and guitar.

In 1920 members of the Rodgers' family sold the home to the Scottish Rite Cathedral Association for $100,000. The Scottish Rite Masons kept the home until 1940 when they sold it to The Atlantic Coast Insurance Company who used it as their office headquarters until 1996. The house has since gone through an 18 month restoration and is back to its original grandeur as it is used as a relaxing sumptuous Boutique Hotel.

The Craftsmanship behind the Grand Mansion Suite  One of the most striking features in the room are the two gas lighting chandeliers that have hung here since the mansion was built. They were commissioned by Rodgers while on a trip to Europe and were brought by the artist to Charleston to be properly installed. A noted marble and stone worker and sculptor of the day, Emile T. Viett, carved the elegant marble mantle pieces found in the home's double parlors. His Shop Gas Power Marble and Granite Works was located on Broad Street, and his other work in Charleston included the carved stone architectural details of the Custom House. Other noted features include Lewis Comfort Tiffany glass panels, Philadelphia pressed brick and a rooftop cupola with panoramic views of the historic city. Originally in the room there were Gold Leaf decorations on the ceiling, but at some point after the Rodgers moved out of the house it was removed. The craftsmanship required to create the details present in the Grand Mansion Suite took such skill and dedication that it is believed to be impossible to recreate today. Now that you know a little more about the artistry behind the Grand Mansion Suite you may want to enjoy the luxurious space for yourself. What better way to experience this over top suite than with our Over the Top Package. Your experience will include a private carriage ride, a 30 minute helicopter tour, a 5 course dinner paired with wines at Circa 1886 Restaurant, and a private 90 minute Connoisseur Tour and Madeira Tasting at Drayton Hall Plantation.  Call the Wentworth Mansion at 888-466-1886 to book your stay. 

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