Haunted Fun in Historic Downtown Charleston

Charleston Ghost Tours

Looking for a more interactive way to experience Charleston’s remarkable history? Tired of sweating in the sun during another daytime tour? Well, whether you consider yourself an expert paranormal investigator or you don’t have a spooky bone in your skeleton, Charleston ghost tours are undeniably one of the most hands-on, exciting ways to discover the history of the Holy City.  Plus, there’s just something special about walking the streets after dark...

With so many historically significant buildings, from the Old City Jail that dates back to 1802 to the Provost Dungeon that once housed prisoners of war, it should come as no surprise that many believe the city to be haunted. A must see is Philadelphia Alley, known to locals as “Dueler’s Alley”.  It was seen as the ideal place for a duel due to its high walls and limited access.  You can experience some of Charleston’s "most haunted" spots for yourself with Bulldog Tours, offering outings nearly every day.

We recommend Bulldog Tours’ Haunted Jail Tour—featured on Ghost Hunters Ghost Adventures, and The Travel Channel—for a behind-the-scenes look at the Old Charleston Jail.  As well as their Haunted Pub Crawl, where you can learn about Charleston’s ghostly past while sipping on a tasty brew. This is a history lesson that won’t have you falling asleep. So, do you believe that the city is haunted? Book a tour now and discover for yourself.

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