Hemingway Daiquiri at Circa 1886

Hemingway Daiquiri One of the best ways to beat Charleston's steamy summer afternoons is with a light and refreshing cocktail. This summer, Circa 1886 Restaurant's Beverage Manager, John Martindale, is serving up a Hemingway Daiquiri cocktail which is in high demand come five o'clock. The Hemingway Daiquiri is inspired by the original recipe from Bar La Florida in Havana, Cuba. The cocktail was originally created for Ernest Hemingway, who was not only an author, but also a resident barfly at Bar La Florida. The cocktail was created to accommodate Hemingway's diabetes. There is no added sugar in this daiquiri, making the drink lighter and more refreshing than your typical summer rum drink. The only change John made from the original recipe is that Caña Brava Rum is used in place of Bacardi Rum. As the story goes, Hemingway ordered a much stronger version of this drink called the Papa Doble. The original version of this citrusy drink was printed in the 1935 Bar La Florida Cocktails book, which was apparently also the start of many misprints. The original Daiquiri recipe which calls for a limón verde is translated literally to mean "green lemon" and has since been translated to lime. Below is John's adapted version of the thirst-quenching cocktail, as well as a snapshot of the original recipe.

Hemingway Daiquiri

2 oz. Caña Brava Rum .75 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice .5 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur .5 oz Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Shake with vigorously with ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

hemingway daiquiri   Sip this crisp and refreshing drink at our bar at Circa 1886 restaurant, or you whip one up at your own home bar, but don't miss the Hemingway Daiquiri this summer. The bar at Circa 1886 restaurant invites you to indulge in Charleston's most delicious happy hour. Our popular '5 for 5 at 5' cocktail program offers five handcrafted cocktails, five wines, and all beers for only five dollars each.

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