High-Class Cocktails in the Holy City


It’s a well-known fact that one of the best ways to set the mood is with a beverage in hand. The Holy City is flowing with some of the finest high-class cocktails and mixologists in the country.

One of the city’s first craft bars, The Cocktail Club, pares the quintessential Charleston architecture down to its bare roots—wall framing separate spaces and fireplaces with broken up brick bring a sense of grounding. But the basic space means more attention is given the quality of the cocktails they craft, like their staple drink, the Double Standard. The house-infused Serrano gin and cucumber vodka are shaken with fresh flavors—including lime juice, cilantro, ginger simple syrup, and celery bitters—to create a perfectly satisfying, yet slightly spicy refresher. Other drinks to try include the Pink Rabbit at Proof, the Belmont’s Old Fashioned, and a bartender’s choice at the Gin Joint—just give them two adjectives to describe what you’re feeling and wait while they mix a delicious cocktail all your own.

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