Honoring the Legacy of Southern History

There’s no better time of year to honor and remember the history of where we are and those who came before to build the foundations. Explore Charleston’s intricate past at some of these special spots in the city.

With a passion for poring through attics, documents, albums and journals, the Charleston Museum—founded in 1773 and considered “America’s First Museum”—is home to the most comprehensive look at South Carolina Lowcountry history. Permanent exhibits take you from historic silver and textiles to Early Days, City Under Siege and Becoming Americans. Dive deeper into how the region and its history have shaped the present at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art’s Southbound exhibit. The collection is comprised of images from 56 photographers to compile a look at the complexity of Southern life. Bring the past and the present together by turning one of Charleston’s historic houses into your temporary home. Stay the night at Wentworth Mansion—a historic icon from 1886.

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