In Bloom at the Mansion

A mild winter in the lowcountry makes for a stunning sight at the Wentworth Mansion. This March thousands of hot pink azalea buds burst open, enveloping our charming corner on Smith and Wentworth Street in downtown Charleston. Planted in rows along the periphery of the inn, the azalea buds are a striking sight, peeping through our black wrought iron fence. Nearly a month after we first spied the blooms, these freckled five petal flowers have set a beautiful blaze on the Mansion's lawn. This variety - Satin Robe Azaleas- came to life just before Valentine's Day and will retain their dazzling beauty through Easter weekend 2013. March is noted as the best blooming month for southern azaleas and it has certainly bode well for our garden. Magnolia Plantation, about fifteen miles from the Wentworth Mansion, is home to the country's first outdoor azalea garden. The plantation set along the Ashley River features a romantic garden with a reported 15 varieties of Indian Azaleas. Visit the plantation, check your cell phone at the door, and get lost in its dreamy setting, seemingly sky-high azalea bushes, drooping Spanish moss and lovely twisted path. Man's attempted 're-creation of the Garden of Eden' awaits you. Experience the beauty of spring in Charleston at the Wentworth Mansion. Check our availability and see more of our luxurious inn. As you relish in the last days of March and first days of spring, enjoy these beautiful snapshots from the grounds of the Wentworth Mansion. Follow along with us on Facebook for more. photo 5 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1

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