In Honor of Independence Day: A Bit of Kings Courtyard Inn History

Charleston has always been a place where great inspiration and memories were born. As a literal birthplace to two Declaration of Independence signers, the July 4th holiday feels particularly patriotic here. Anyone who visits can see traces of American history everywhere. Much like the famous Battery Park’s waterfront cannons and view of Fort Sumter: snapshots of the past are always in sight. The Kings Courtyard Inn's 159-year-old building is a piece of history itself: a sign of the times in which it was built. "The style" in 1850's Charleston was Greek Revival Architecture. The many new buildings that sprouted up during this time reflected people's enjoyment of being independent from Britain. This movement, as you might remember from high school history class, was called Neoclassicism. For those in need of a refresher, this vocabulary word is defined as a period of enlightenment and cultural discovery. Literature, art and Greek architecture among the new favorites. [caption id="attachment_523" align="alignright" width="900" caption="Charleston's US Custom House, also built in 1853. Notice a resemblance to the Parthenon?"]Archeology of Charleston architecture compared with the Greek Pantheon[/caption] Kings Courtyard Inn (as we know it now) was constructed in 1853. Inns were being built all over the lower peninsula because, even then, Charleston was a real destination. Architect Francis D. Lee built the three-story, two-building King Street space for local merchant Colonel J. Charles Blum. The upper stories featured those newly popular Greek Revival-style touches: huge windows and doors, tall ceilings, archways and crown moldings included. [caption id="attachment_532" align="alignright" width="1000" caption="Kings Street's Greek Revival Touches"]Hotels on Kings Street with architecturally greek features[/caption] Through the years, this beautiful and fashionable space was the perfect home for many retailers, boutiques and department stores. When re-purposed as an inn in 1983, each Greek Revival detail was beautifully restored. Every room reflects that magical, romantic and enlightening age in which much of Charleston was built. A bedroom at The Kings Courtyard Inn The Kings Courtyard Inn is a member of the Historic Hotels of America, a division of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We take great pride in our rich history and amazingly unique home base. This concludes a very special history lesson in honor of Independence Day. Happy 4th of July from the Kings Courtyard Inn! Book a special weekend or weekday trip to Charleston this summer and be a part of our living history.

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