A 'Spoleto Stop' Along the Birth of a Nation's Constitution Tour

Though the 2013 Spoleto Festival is entering its third and final week, festivities are still in high gear.

Our very favorite thing about Spoleto season: it restores a sense of pride in Charleston's incredible history. The festival's countless performances, art exhibits and concerts are set inside the city's beautiful historic buildings. Landmarks like the Dock Street Theater, the College of Charleston Cistern- even private homes- showcase Spoleto happenings. Each historic venue has a story to tell and we, a 250-year old home, love a good story.

There is no play or Spoleto performance to tell the fascinating story of our original homeowner John Rutledge. We have pieced together something even better: the Birth of a Nation's Constitution Tour. Here's a stop along the route.

SFUSA2012 Opening Ceremonies photo by Julia Lynn_1

Just a few blocks from the John Rutledge House Inn, the Charleston City Hall sets the stage for the Spoleto Festival’s opening ceremonies. The City Hall represents one of the 'Four Corners of Law' a nickname for this area of downtown Charleston. Rutledge believed in everything this corner stands for (federal, state, local and religious law) and fought hard for it. Like many modern-day Charlestonians, Rutledge and his friends were determined to make the Holy City a better place. And that they did. Rutledge not only played a major political role in Charleston, he served as the First President of South Carolina, and went on to draft and sign the U.S. Constitution.

St. Michael's Church Steeple

St. Michael's Church represents another 'Corner of Law.' Religious law. Construction began on this iconic landmark in 1752. It was completed in 1761, two years before John Rutledge built his house across the street. Its white steeple on the corner of Meeting and Broad Streets is easily recognizable from a distance. Rutledge's eternal resting place is in St. Michael's Church graveyard, making this corner particularly noteworthy. All it takes is one visit to Charleston, and you'll remember this beautiful church. It only seems fitting that Charleston's popular Spoleto Festival kicks off right across the street, then convenes in the neighborhoods nearby.

Charleston was like one giant playground for Rutledge and his friends. Our friends at Bulldog Tours lead the Birth of a Nation's Constitution Tour, taking guests through the gorgeous streets of Charleston. This specially designed tour lets guests explore iconic buildings like St. Michael's Church, picturesque neighborhoods like Church Street (site of the Heyward Washington House), even the Old Exchange Building.

For history buffs who select Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto performances solely based on their super-cool, historic locations- the Birth of a Nation's Constitution Package is for you. With this two-night, three-day package, you'll embark on the Birth of a Nation's Constitution walking tour to learn even more about Rutledge's life and stomping grounds. Each evening, you'll return to his home to enjoy complimentary extras like afternoon tea, evening cordials- you'll even wake to a hot breakfast each morning. This is the perfect vacation package to soak up Charleston's summer sun with a bit of history. Call us to book the package today at (800) 476-9741 or visit our website for more details.

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