Kitchen 208 on Ginormous Food

We are excited to announce that our very own Kitchen 208 has been featured on hit Food Network show "Ginormous Food." The Belle-Gem Triple Play was one of the stars of this segment. This sandwich boasts four massive bacon waffles smothered in mustard aioli and topped with piles of fried chicken and heirloom tomatoes. Our chef, Christian Zehntner, is the mastermind behind this unique mega-version of the classic chicken and waffles. The episode includes Zehntner creating the dish and host Josh Denny cracking jokes and attempting to take a bite of the monster sandwich. The episode gives a great look into our light and airy dining room and patio with lots of behind the scenes action. Belle-Gem Triple Play

The Epic Belle-Gem Triple Play


The Belle-Gem Triple Play might be too much to handle, but don't worry we offer a single serving version. Host Josh Denny proved to be a big fan of the dish. We couldn't agree more when he said,"The thing I like about this is you can't mess it up, you cant be like 'oops I accidentally put too much bacon in it and made it extra delicious'." If you have the same passion for bacon, waffles, and fried chicken the Belle-Gem is for you.

Belle-Gem Triple Play on Ginormous Food

Chef, Christian Zehntner, teaching host, Josh Denny, how to create the Belle-Gem Triple Play.

  Filming was an all day affair and required our entire hardworking staff. We are so grateful to the amazing crew from Ginormous Food for making this such a memorable and exciting experience. Everyone worked hard from start to finish to pull off this fun Charleston episode. Kitchen 208 Belle-Gem Triple Play

Some of the passionate people who made it all happen.


Tune into Ginormous Food to experience the creation of our massive sandwich on Monday, June 26 at 5 pm | 4c.
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