New Spring Cocktails at Circa 1886

The bar at Circa 1886 As promised, new spring cocktails have made their debut behind the bar at Circa 1886 in downtown Charleston. Here is our latest, greatest handcrafted drink menu.

Battery Breeze

Effen Cucumber Vodka, Muddled Cucumber, Lemon, Elder Flower Nectar, Soda Water

Liquid Sunshine

Beefeater Gin, St. Germain, Elder Flower Nectar, Orange

Lemon, Lime, Soda Water

Wildflower Cosmopolitan

Absolut Hibiskus Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime, Cranberry, Wild Hibiscus Flower

Island Time

10 Cane Rum, Coconut, Orange, Cinnamon

Pink Panther

Jose Cuervo Tequila, Agave Nectar, Muddled Orange, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Salted Rim

Southern Manners

Belvedere Lemon Tea Vodka, Lemonade, Ice Tea, Sugar Rim

Circa 1886 Old Fashioned

Makers Mark Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Bitters

Muddled Cherry and Orange

See what else is happening at Circa 1886 this spring and join us for dinner!

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