Pecha Kucha 15: Starring Chef Marc Collins

Might you recognize presenter #8 on Charleston's Pecha Kucha 15 lineup? We do! We're thrilled to announce that Circa 1886 Restaurant's very own Chef Marc Collins will present at the latest and greatest Pecha Kucha Night (10/9/12). Not sure how to pronounce that? Not quite sure what Pecha Kucha is? "Strategic Posse" member Robert Prioleau of Blue Ion gave us the inside scoop... Charleston Pecha Kucha Nights began in November of 2008 as a time to gather and celebrate our city's creative community. In the last four years, Charleston's creative community has grown tremendously and so have Pecha Kucha Nights. The creatives behind Pecha Kucha now have an official title: The Charleston Parliament. The group members are some of the Charleston's most fun, innovative and creative working class folks. If you live here, we guarantee that you know at least one Parliament member personally. Robert tells us that Pecha Kucha was a presentation event concept started by a group of architects in Tokyo. He says, "Rather than have each architect drone on for hours about their concepts/work….they chose to limit each presenter to 20 slides that ran for 20 seconds each. That totals 6:40 and makes for a very lively presentation line up." Charleston Pecha Kucha Nights fit the same bill. Chef Collins will be one of eight presenters on the evening of October 9, 2012. We, the adoring public, will be inspired by these fun and quick presentations and have a 6 minute - 40 second peek inside those creative minds. The location is secret - but a little birdy promised that it has a serious WOW factor. Tickets go on sale at 6pm on Tuesday, October 2nd. They've been known to sell out within 30 minutes, so be sure to grab yours while you can. For now, stay plugged in to the latest details on the Pecha Kucha blog. Break a leg, Chef!

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