Pecha Kucha 15: Tonight's the Night

That little birdy who promised to bring the WOW factor for Charleston's Pecha Kucha 15? They were singing the right tune. This past weekend, Charleston Parliament announced the location for tonight's highly anticipated event: The Cistern at the College of Charleston! In less than 30 minutes, 600 lucky people snatched up tickets to the event, setting a new attendance record. Pretty incredible. We are blown away. (If you've been following our roving Pineapple Penelope, you saw The Cistern when she stopped by last week!) To say we're excited to watch Marc Collins on the big stage is an understatement. Tonight is going to be great. For now, get to know the Man Behind the Antelope with his short and sweet bio on the Pecha Kucha blog. We'll be Tweeting live (@Circa1886 + @CharmingInns), and you can join the conversation too with the hashtag #pkchs.

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