Penelope Visits the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

After three days of wandering the historic streets of downtown Charleston, Penelope is nearly ready to move on to her next destination. But before she does, she's revealing where she was earlier this week. Penelope was photographed at "one of the most important places in relation to America’s independence from England." Your guesses poured in and so many guessed correctly... Penelope was indeed touring the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon! Penelope the pineapple visits Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon Set on the corner of Broad and East Bay Street, this Charleston landmark is just a hop, skip and jump away from our John Rutledge House Inn, where Penelope has been resting her little pineapple head. What is now a historic bed and breakfast was once the home of John Rutledge, a key player in freeing our country from British control. Not only was he the state's first President, he was a brother of a Declaration of Independence signer and ultimately a signer of the United States Constitution. John Rutledge's home/our inn served as a gathering place for fellow constitution framers to brainstorm and draft what would become the framework for American government. John Rutledge built the home on Broad Street for his young bride Elizabeth Grimke in 1763. Perhaps he wanted his home base to be close by the building that played such a pivotal role in both his life and his work: establishing a free and independent nation. Outside of the Old Exchange The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon is a fascinating place which has served many functions through the centuries. From Penelope's photo on Monday, you can see that she did a short stint in the building's dungeon/prison, stood where John Rutledge would look out onto Broad Street and address his people as President, and was awed by the intricate architecture of the Palladian style building. The Old Exchange and John Rutledge House Inn are just two reasons why Charleston is often referred to as a "Living Museum." After this visit, Penelope went on to tour Charleston's actual Museum Mile. This stretch of road down Meeting Street has 14-points of interest: museums, historic homes and landmarks like the Old Exchange.  Because she's a tech-savvy pineapple, Penelope shared her view of Museum Mile on Instagram (@charminginns) at a few stops like the Charleston Museum, Joseph Manigault House and the Gibbes Museum. Rooms and stairwell inside the Charleston Museum If you really needed another excuse to visit Charleston, here's one: Museum Mile Weekend, September 21-23rd. During that weekend, the many sites along Museum Mile are at your fingertips for an all-inclusive $25! And if you need a place to stay, Penelope has a few suggestions. STAY TUNED! Penelope is working up an appetite. Next week she's on the quest for some of the fine Southern cuisine Charleston is famous for. She'll post her next photo on Monday, 9/17 at 10am. Don't miss a thing: subscribe to our blog for automatic updates or follow Charming Inns on Facebook. Thanks for following along, y'all!!

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