Serve Wine Like a Sommelier: Tips from Circa 1886 Restaurant

For luxury travelers craving a bit of opulence upon their return home, UK-based Square Mile Magazine explains how to recreate a few famously decadent hotel touches. The May 2012 article “Hotelling It Like It Is”, shares firsthand advice from resident experts at various Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Among the bunch is Charming Inns’ own Mark Severs, General Manager of Circa 1886 Restaurant. Circa 1886 Restaurant resides in a restored carriage house just beside Wentworth Mansion, a beautiful historic inn in downtown Charleston. Known for his impeccable service and wine knowledge, Severs gives Square Mile readers an in-home sommelier tutorial. Bottle not included. How to Serve Wine Like a Sommelier “I have many guests order a bottle of wine that they are familiar with and have enjoyed at home, It is amazing how many times the guest will comment how much more pleasing the wine was here at the restaurant. The first step in wine presentation is making sure your bottle of wine is at the correct temperature. The temperature will be different fro whites and reds, as well as for wines with different weights. Once the bottle is selected and you have the correct temperature, I like to present the bottle of wine. Tell your guest which wine you are serving, including the year it was created. When pouring, twist the bottle about 190 degrees and wipe against a napkin so that no wine is spilled. For white wines I will typically ask whether they would like the bottle kept on ice. Some of your heavier whites (chardonnay) will benefit from a little warmer temperature.” And there you have it, a guide to an in-home Circa 1886 wine experience. As Mark and his guests suggest, sometimes there’s just nothing like the real thing. Join he and the team at Circa 1886 Restaurant for a taste of world-class luxury in our Charleston, South Carolina home. Grab a spot at the bar and peruse a 250-bottle wine list or reserve a place at the dinner table.

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