Sweet Potato Donuts at Circa 1886

Taking one bite into the Sweet Potato Donuts at Circa 1886 Restaurant is like getting a glimpse into Executive Pastry Chef Scott Lovorn's childhood. Often times, Scott is influenced by the memory of a flavor he tasted many years ago. For Scott, this dessert also brings back the taste memory of the sweet potato casserole he grew up eating. He makes the donuts with over 50% sweet potatoes so that the flavor has a major presence in the dessert, before carefully placing them on top of a pecan praline glaze. Sweet Potato Donuts It's easy to take a walk down memory lane with Scott when you learn that the pecan praline glaze is inspired by a recipe his Mississippi family has been using for generations. Scott remembers his father and grandfather making Buttermilk Pecan Pralines to pass out during the holidays when he was a child. While this is still a Lovorn-family tradition, Scott has altered the recipe and stops the praline stirring process early to make a glaze that is a liquefied version of his grandfather's recipe. The decadent molasses marshmallow in this dessert is made with an organic, single-source molasses that is not bitter and is much smoother than a typical blackstrap molasses. Scott adds another layer to the dessert with fried sweet potato chips and handmade cinnamon ice cream.   The heavenly combination of fall flavors on our dessert menu is the perfect end to any dinner at Circa 1886. From the soft, pillowy, Apple Crisp Souffle paired with ginger ice cream, to the Elvis Fluffernutter with brioche, peanut butter mousse, candied bacon, toasted fluff, and caramelized bananas, each dessert is inventive, beautifully presented, and over the top. Click here to see all the desserts on our menu.  

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