The Cupola

Harleston Village: it's the charming little neighborhood in downtown Charleston that the Wentworth Mansion calls home. Rearing its head over centuries-old homes and Palmetto-lined streets is the Wentworth Mansion's unmistakeable red cupola. For a town with little-to-no high rises, our building top is particularly striking. Like the moon in the evening sky, the cupola seems to be right there beside you, whichever direction you stroll in. From up high, the cupola offers a view of Charleston that is almost surreal. Once you meander up the Mansion's spiral staircase and walk out onto the cupola, you see every dazzling sight the city has to offer, all 360-degrees of it. Tree tops, steeples, porches. Runners and cyclists weaving through the streets below. The Ashley River, the Cooper River, the Ravenel Bridge. This view is so amazing, it makes you second guess leaving the Mansion and heading back home again. It's one of Charleston's most unique places and another reason why the Wentworth Mansion is so very special. Have a favorite cupola memory of your own? Connect on our Facebook page and share your memories with us.

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