The Fireplaces of the Wentworth Mansion

There's nothing quite like the stories that are told when sitting by a fire. Since 1886, the fireplaces at the Wentworth Mansion have been witness to many a brandy-laced conversation. Because these fireplaces are the heart of the room, and a true gathering spot, it's hard not to imagine the conversations that were had as Francis Silas Rogers sat around the fire when this incredible structure was built over one hundred years ago. While not all fireplaces in the mansion are original to the home, the ones that are, are so complex that the detail in the craftsmanship could not be repeated today. As the main focal point in the room, the Grand Mansion Suite alone boasts two floor-to-ceiling Italian marble fireplaces. Although these are 19th-century fireplaces, they provide the same convenience of many modern fixtures today. With the flip of a switch, the fireplace ignites and the room instantly becomes even more inviting and cozy. Charleston winters are very mild, and can even be balmy, but we couldn't be more excited when the occasional cold front blows through. Guests are prepared for endless, intimate evening conversations with the complimentary port, sherry, and brandy provided in the Harleston Parlor. These fireplaces are the perfect addition to an already romantic getaway at the Wentworth Mansion. From a honeymoon stay to a milestone anniversary celebration, nothing beats cozying up by a roaring fire. For the full Wentworth Mansion experience, make sure to ask our concierge for a room with a fireplace when making your next reservation.

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