The Wentworth Mansion: A Pet Friendly Experience

Dogs are not only encouraged at the Wentworth Mansion in downtown Charleston, but welcomed as a member of the inn's extended family. Lucie Lou and her owners Barrie and Danny Shapiro are among our most cherished Wentworth Mansion guests. The trio visits our inn for many reasons - but mostly for its pet friendly accommodations. Not only is Lucie Lou absolutely adorable, she’s also a talented writer. Enjoy the furry, four-legged Wentworth Mansion experience from the eyes of a Westie: “When Mom and Dad are planning our travels, their main consideration is always me. Finding all the comforts of home in a truly unique and charming setting can prove to be challenging. After long hours of research for just such a place in Charleston, Wentworth Mansion was the gem they discovered. And, what a gem! To be honest, not only were they concerned about my comfort...but, also how convenient and enjoyable their own stay would be. The accommodations were outstanding. Their room: elegant yet, homey. There was even a special sitting room that proved perfect for me! Plenty of sunshine and my own TV! Their staff loved me...of course, what's not to love? One evening I found myself stranded. My parents, caught up in the warmth and charm of Wentworth Mansion and enjoying complimentary cordials and hors d'oeuvres, were so busy mingling with their new friends that they didn't realize I had gone off wandering on my own. Not only was I discovered by the Mansion’s owner, Linn, but she personally chaperoned and cuddled me back to our room! Now, is that exceptional care or not? Not to be minimized, for my convenience and theirs, the necessary trips outside could not have been easier. In the morning and evenings, it was just a short walk outside our room for a lovely (and, necessary!) stroll around their beautifully manicured yard. Enjoyable for all of us! Even on one of those rare rainy days...the ease of getting in and out...and, even to our car was truly appreciated. Wentworth Mansion is definitely our home away from home while visiting Charleston, SC!” -- With appreciation and big hugs, Lucie Lou and Owners Barrie and Danny Shapiro, Owners Traveling to Charleston with your dog this summer? Plan your visit to the pet-friendly Wentworth Mansion.

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