The Perfect Holiday Wine

Holidays call for celebrations of all sizes. When we asked Circa 1886’s sommelier, John Martindale, for suggestions on the perfect holiday wine, he gave us a list that is sure to please every palate this holiday season. Whether you are looking for a bottle to enjoy with your family, need a gift for the hostess that squeezed you into your favorite restaurant throughout the year, or want a wine with just enough sparkle on New Year’s Eve, John’s list covers every occasion. circa-1886-restaurant-wine Wines for Everyone at the Table Gamay from Beaujolais ($) - this is a light, bright, and earthy red is comparable to a juicy Pinot Noir. Look for the Crus of Brouilly and Morgon. Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley ($$) - the hotter climate in Russian River lends Pinot Noir a bit of extra weight and depth. John's favorite producers are Orogeny, Fritz and Gary Farrell. Napa Chardonnays ($$$) - producers such as Jarvis and Edge Hill by Rudd create a high-class Chardonnay with the might and acidity to stand up to big flavors at the table. Celebratory Bubbles Etoile Brut - The Brut is known for an attractive bouquet of ginger and brown spice. Appealing baked apple, honey and cinnamon flavors meld seamlessly with nutty caramel flavors gained from extended sur lie aging. The creamy and seamless structure combined with balanced acidity carries these flavors through the lingering finish. Etoile Rosé The Rosé is elegant and restrained with fresh aromas of plum, raspberry, and nutmeg. These aromas follow through on the palate and are layered with subtle and delicate flavors of cocoa powder. The wine finishes with excellent length and richness. Ruinart Blanc de Blanc - on the lighter, brighter side try Ruinart Blanc de Blanc. The nose is powerfully reminiscent of fresh fruits with dominant notes of citrus and exotic fruits, followed by a touch of jasmine, white peaches, and pink peppercorns. John says, "this wine, made with 100% Chardonnay, is the perfect aperitif." Krug Grand Cuveé - This is the perfect wine to impress the collector in your life. This barrel fermented Champagne has enough depth and length to wow. As you taste it, notes of toasted bread, hazelnut, nougat, barley sugar and jellied fruits may take you by surprise. You may even taste hints of apples still on the tree, flowers in bloom, ripe and dried fruit, almonds, marzipan, gingerbread, sweet spices and even brioche and honey. A Sweet Finish For dessert, John suggests a classy, off-dry Madeira. The touch of sweetness is enough to entice, but not overwhelm the palate while complementing holiday pies. Rare Wine Company’s Charleston Sercial - a wine that has been served throughout meals in America for nearly 300 years. To emphasize America’s deep historical connection to Madeira, each wine in the series is named for a U.S. city where Madeira was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Thus, Charleston Sercial celebrates the South’s love of drier Madeiras.   Stop by and let us fill your glass with your favorite wine, or let John introduce you to a new varietal. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season! 

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