Extended Restaurant Week at Circa 1886

This being the last official weekend of Charleston's Restaurant Week, we look back and reflect on what was a delicious eleven days. So delicious in fact, we've decided to keep Restaurant Week rolling at Circa 1886 until next Saturday, September 22nd. That's one more week of Local Beets & Goat Cheese, Pickle Fried Flounder and Strawberry Souffle (or any other combination...) for $40. And if you've been meaning to sample our Wine Enthusiast award-winning list, we have special wine pairings with each course for just $65. Feast your eyes on our extended "3 for $40" menu. Call 843-853-7828 to reserve a table! Chef Collins' latest spin on Antelope (this time, served with Sweet Potato Hash, Haricot Verts and an incredible batch of local Chanterelle Mushrooms) was a runaway hit, as was his "General Sanders" Chicken and Pickle Fried Flounder. We've also heard that Pastry Chef Lovorn's desserts satisfied many a sweet-tooth as well... From Instagram, Facebook and beyond, here's our Restaurant Week in review. Courtesy Chef Marc Collins: heaps of local Chantarelle Mushrooms, Tomato Bread Pudding (the "before" look), Grilled Salmon with Okra Gumbo, Saffron Hollandaise, Parsley Bubbles, Tempura Onion and Crab, "General Sanders" Chicken Courtesy our friend Catherine Dority and Charles Robinson: more Antelope!, Hot Corn Custard with Cold Corn Soup, Strip Steak with Parsnip Puree and Borderlaise Sauce Courtesy Instragramm-er's Bellyfull, Suriouslyforeal and Myrtle_Tyrtle: Strawberry Souffle + Honeysuckle Ice Cream, Antelope, Pickle-fried Flounder on the line Thanks for sharing your photos, y'all! Get the latest updates: follow Chef Marc Collins on Instagram + Twitter at @chefmarccollins.

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