The Parlor at the Wentworth Mansion

A Room for the Family

In the Wentworth Mansion's original days, the Rogers family spent many hours of their day in what is now used as The Parlor. It is recorded that the family used this space as a library during the day and as a dining room and living space in the evenings. On the nights when they weren't entertaining, the family would enjoy casual dinners in this room. Illuminated only by gas lanterns, they would spend evenings nestled here engaging in activities such as chess or lively conversation. The library was a space to come together as a family, and we love seeing that tradition continue with our guests every day.  

wentworth mansion parlor

The history of the home is a big part of why the Wentworth Mansion is a treasured piece of Charleston for many. The stunning marble, mirrored fireplace, flooring, and Tiffany stained glass windows are all original to the home and create an enchanting atmosphere. The grandfather clock and the bookcase in the parlor were owned by Mr. Rogers and were apart of this room when it served as a library for the family.  

Today's Parlor

Presently, the former library serves as a parlor to guests and is the ideal gathering spot all throughout the day. There is always a delicious drink available to sip when passing time in the company of friends or fellow travelers. In the morning, guests snack on freshly-made croissants and pastries from Circa 1886 Restaurant with coffee and hot tea. In the afternoons, iced tea and lemonade are available for guests. Wine and hors d'oeuvres are served in the early evening. Port, sherry, and brandy are offered for guests looking for a nightcap. With around the clock accouterments and easy conversation, the Wentworth Mansion is an ideal place to spend the holiday season. It is our goal to transport guests to a bygone era. We hope you and your family treasure your time spent in this historic room as much as those before you.

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